A California native but his influence was far from limited to the West Coast sound, Natomas Slimm has always shown “California Love” to artists from all over. The versatility he displays inspired by the wide array of sounds he’s been influenced by are the reasons why his current singles are gaining international recognition.

Inspired by Hip-Hop legends of the 90s, Natomas Slimm grew up with his ear stuck to the radio waiting for his favorite artists' songs to be played. He wrote down every line to be able to recite it back word for word. Soon he began to develop his own style, mixing the flow and delivery of his favorite artists, creating his own blend of West Coast, East Coast and Down South sounds.

After years of perfecting his art, Natomas Slimm decided to release his first mixtape "Turn Up Music." "Turn Up Music" caught the ears of many hip-hop fans, getting over 10,000 downloads a remarkable milestone for a first release. His videos, albums and songs have received over 5 MILLION views, plays, streams and downloads. 

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